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February 20, 2018

Eyes On Books has just reviewed the second book in my Sacred Guardian series, Eater of Dreams:


"I loved it! I wonít spoil more than the blurb already does, but Iíll say that following Kaoriís journey through Kazure, watching him grow both as a ruler and as a partner to Hunter was great fun. [...] Eater of Dreams was a great sequel to Through the Last Door. [...] If youíre a fan of gay fantasy, then you should definitely try this series!"

The third book in the series, The Soul Forge, will be coming out in about a month. I'm expecting to receive the final cover from my cover artist within the next day or so and am very excited to share it.

This coming weekend I'm planning to post the first chapter of the story here, once I've had time to add the cover graphics to the story webpage and polish it up just a bit. I have the manuscript for the print version of the book finished and am working to get the initial proof back from the publisher now.

Things are all moving very fast at this point. I am super excited about sharing the new book! Of the three in the series I think it's my favorite so far. ^_^

January 23, 2018

The third book in my Sacred Guardian series, The Soul Forge, is complete!!! Now it's just a matter of giving it a final polishing and arranging the publishing and promotional details. I'm hoping to have a finished cover to share very soon.

I had a great deal of fun traveling with Kaori and Hunter on this latest adventure. In this book, the two of them have to face up to their innermost fears as they work to support their country and each other. I was excited as I was writing to see how they developed and grew as characters, and I fell in love all over again with both them and their world. The side characters as well were a joy to work with -- Ben and Haku, Ishaya, Malo and Rin. I'm extremely happy with how it all turned out.

I've created a holder page for the book on my website here: The Soul Forge.

I'm planning to post a sample chapter there soon, as well as the cover images as soon as I get them. Keep checking back for more updates!


by J.A. Jaken

Novel (145,000 words)
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, M/M Romance

The country of Kazure bows under the shadow of war as the Shindori lords from the east continue to wage their holy crusade. Kaori Sansa, the High Lord of Kazure, is desperately searching for a way to defend his people while he struggles to determine which of the lords in his own country can be trusted to see the war through. Meanwhile, Hunter confronts his inner demons as the horrors of his past come back to haunt him, and he comes face to face with the criminal organization that enslaved him as a child. Both men must fight to uphold their oaths—both to Kazure and to each other—while the forces gathering around them are doing everything in their power to bring them down.

November 28, 2017

I have been hard at work writing the third book in the Sacred Guardian series, which is tentatively titled The Soul Forge. In it, the war with Shindor comes to a head while both Kaori and Hunter have to dig deep and face their personal demons in order to save the kingdom from enemies both within and without. Facing up to our fears is a major theme of this book -- Hunter is forced to come face to face with his traumatic past while Kaori wrestles with his fear of being the leader he needs to be in order to rule Kazure, while both of them struggle with the challenges of moving ahead with their relationship together. There are new characters as well as old in an adventure that spans entire nations, but finds its deepest moments in the hearts and souls of the characters I've grown to love.

I'm a good three quarters done with the book now and am heading into the final chapters. So far I am exceptionally happy with it, and I am so excited to share it with all of you. I'll post further updates as the story grows closer to being completed. Maybe I'll post a sneak peak here to celebrate closing the final chapter. ^_^


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