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Entering the House of Silence


Entering the House of Silence  

Entering the House of Silence
An Anthology of Prequel Stories to The House of Silence
by J.A. Jaken

Anthology (5 stories - 30,300 words)
Genre(s): GLBT, Gothic, Erotica

Four young men find themselves drawn to the service of the House of Silence, the famous brothel that caters to the whims of the elite and powerful. One of them discovers how intense that service can be. An anthology of stories set in the House of Silence.

Danny's Interview
Haunted by the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father's family, Danny Bordelain set out to make his own way in the world. Sheer chance brought him to the attention of the House of Silence and the House's enigmatic Master, Charon Marque.

Vincent's Interview
Once upon a time, Vincent Michaelis arrived at the House of Silence looking for succor after the vicious destruction of his family and his home. This is the story of his arrival at the House and his first introduction to the House's Master, Charon Marque.

Reiji's Interview
Reiji Kendo has lived his entire life on the streets, having learned from hard experience that the only person he could ever depend on is himself. One day, he accidentally draws the notice of Charon Marque, owner and unequivocal Master of the notorious House of Silence, and everything he's ever known changes.

Tam's Interview
Tam Temetria would do anything to shake off the notoriety and responsibilities that came of being a part of the Temetria family. Determined to break free and forge his own way in the world, he stumbles across the path of the House of Silence and draws the attention of Charon Marque, the House's Master.

Reiji Kendo has always been one of the House of Silence's most versatile employees, willing to do whatever it takes to make both the client and his Master happy. In return Charon Marque, the Master of the House, vowed to always keep him safe. That promise is put to the test when a mysterious visitor by the name of Lord Darwin Montgomery arrives and requests Reiji's services for a night of unanticipated, ruthless entertainment.

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Entering the House of Silence
A House of Silence Prequel Anthology
by J.A. Jaken

Entering the House of Silence  




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